About Us

Higher Education is the best investment we can make for our future. We ensure our clients give the very best return for that investment.


iMORSE was formed in 2012 by Professor Andrew Flitman, a former Acting Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), Dean, Head of School, Professor and senior consultant for major business advisory firms.


We help institutions transform the lives of their students, partners and community stakeholders. We combine best academic, research, and commercial practice to facilitate the continuity and enhancement of existing institutions, and enable the creation and registration of new entrants.


We work on our own account, and in collaboration with partner organisations to ensure optimal delivery of client needs. We only work with the highest calibre partners.


We specify, plan, lead and manage projects that deliver strategic objectives for our clients. Our clients include public universities, existing and prospective private sector providers (RTO and HEP), regulators/government, and international market entrants.

Some facts

Higher Education is a major part of our lives and a primary driver of our future economic prosperity.

Increased Earnings for Graduates

Return on Public Research Investment

25-34 Year Old Graduates

Australian Corporates Engage in Higher Education (vs. 70% in Finland)

What we do

We are passionate about the transformational effect that Higher Education has on students and the broader society. We help institutions optimise their transformational impact.


Utilise our Higher Education leadership. Set courses of action and optimise outcomes. Ensure regulatory compliance and ongoing registration.


Utilise our high level proven analysis and review capability to achieve independant evidence informed decision making.


Deliver strategic objectives through expertly planned and executed organic and acquisition-driven growth.


Utilise our higher-education credentials to successfully create or further develop a higher education institution built on strong academic quality and standards.

Our Point of Difference

Our projects are led by consultants with a proven leadership and management track-record in both higher education and consultancy. This nexus of consulting project delivery, with deep expertise and commitment to higher education is unique.

We have demonstrably led successful academic organisational units, and associated governance of academic standards and quality.

We have successfully and measurably led transformations of research and innovation cultures.

We have introduced business best practise in academic environments, resulting in greater efficiencies and enhanced service delivery to all stakeholders. We have facilitated local and international compliance within regulatory frameworks.

Our clients

We work with private and public institutions either in, or wishing to join, the higher education sector. Recent clients include:

Contact us

If you wish to contact us, complete the form below or email us directly. enquiries@imorse.com.au.